• The Benefits of Buying a New Home

    Design Features & Layout for Contemporary Living
    New homes are typically designed with a more open layout to better utilze the space and allow for seamless transition from room to room. 

    Additionally, materials such as, quartz for counter surfaces and wood-like porcelain flooring for lower levels are being used more widely in new homes for their longetivity and ease of maintenance.
  • The Benefits of Buying a New Home

    Energy Efficiency
    Heating, cooling and water heating constitute the highest costs of homeownership after your mortgage payments. With energy standards much higher than in decades past, windows and doors in new homes are signficantly more insulated, saving you a noticeable amount in your utility bills.
  • The Benefits of Buying a New Home

    Smart Home Technology
    Builders realize the level of demand for smart home systems and pre-wire their new homes to accommodate the technology that will bring more efficiency and safety to their homeowners. Creating connectivity in an existing home is more complicated and can come with a much higher cost. 

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